About Giedrius

First, thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog. You already know that my name is Giedrius Majauskas. 

I am a Web software/SEM Development consultant and work with couple of companies, both Lithuanian and International ones. Client fields vary a lot, it ranges from security to modeling and fashion, and I can not tell the topic I’ll be working on next year. I love it, I love the diversity of markets and diversity of web products I can help create. So, what you can expect to read here? There will surely be some personal musings from time to time, but mostly I’ll speak about the web, and related to work. At the moment most of the time I work in Internet security field and that will probably be one of the biggests sections in my blog.

If you find something useful, or just want to talk about something,  feel free to drop a line at giedriusDELETE(at)majauskas.com, in comments or on skype . See ya.

About Privacy

I take privacy very seriously. In general, I will not disclose any information gathered to third parties except if required by the law, you posted it publically, or it is out of my control. The sites I link to might have different privacy policy. I suggest reading it.

You should be also aware, that if you disclose personally identifiable information in comment fields in our website, this information is viewed publically (except email address in designated field) and can be collected by third parties without my knowledge. Such things are beyond my control.

I use google analytics to track site usage. If you have problem with this, you can opt out: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout . Also, we collect web logs to track site usage and problems. You can not opt out from that. I use some widgets (like addthis, facebook) and other content from different sites that might use cookies to track its usage.

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