Lithuanian bank is used for processing payments for fake antiviruses

Although Rogue antivirus business is very profitable for cyber criminals, it has one weak point – payment processing. Basically, one needs a legitimate partner to do this, or one would have no way to get the money from credit cards except by using the cards to buy some goods (which is more dangerous). Additionally, other […]

System Progressive Protection infection still strong

System Progressive Protection is not a new parasite – we wrote about it on September this year. However, its infections reached the peak only recently and it is the most distributed rogue antivirus at the moment. Although in some parts of Europe it competes with ransomware, System Progressive virus is distributed world-wide and is one […]

What is IRMA MoneyPak virus

IRMA MoneyPak virus is a ransomware that was designed by computer hackers in order to steal money from random computer users. The application enters computers through infected downloads. Usually computer users get infected while visiting malicious websites or through spam email attachments. It does not require users permission and acts on its own. IRMA MoneyPak […]

Incredimail hijack – what it is and how to fix it

Incredimail is quite an old email program that allows “better expressing” oneself by help of animations and funny images. This program is closely related to Incredibar (a toolbar, that is causing browser redirections), thus no wonder that IncrediMail changes search providers as well, to This is done by providing opt-out checkbox during incredimail instalation […]

kmode_exception_not_handled Windows 8 reboot loop

I have installed Windows 8 couple days ago and faced some problems. Yesterday, I got some upgrades after which my PC went into infinite reboot loop. The error displayed was kmode_exception_not_handled  in driver file. What was really annoying, the error was displayed in poor quality font, which made the exact file name almost unreadable. It was […]

Win 8 – a big disappointment

Couple days ago I have upgraded to Windows 8. I was curious how this new OS will do compared to Win 7. However, I was disappointed. <strong>Windows 8 is the worst OS I have ever worked on from design viewpoint. </strong> It is a terrible mix of Windows 7 and mobile OS. Although Metro interface […]

FBI Scam – 3 ways to remove it

FBI Scam is a set of trojans that pretends to be originating from Federal Bureau of Investigation and locks PC to extort money. Although most of them look the same and do the same thing, their implementation differs. One can distinguish FBI scams in 2 ways : by picking removal way that works or by […]

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware review

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is one of the most popular technicians tool to fix PC infected with malwares. Although not a full antivirus, its small size and powerful detection capabilities removes majority of common trojans, worms, rogues and similar pests. As it offers parasite removal for free, it is no 1 tool to try when malware infection […]

Spyhunter review

Spyhunter is anti-malware program from Enigma software group. Although first 2 versions of this program weren’t really good, the last versions have set of very interesting features for fighting malware. Current version is 4.x, and this is my results of testing it against set of rogue antiviruses, trojans and ransomware. Note, that Spyhunter is commercial […]

How to change and fix search providers in your browser

Search providers are websites, that browsers use to do searches in special fields on the browser or when non-address is entered in the url field. The most common search providers at the moment are Google and Bing, however, there are many more. The biggest problem with search providers is the issue that some programs change […]