Tracking Social behavior on websites: 6 things to implement right now

Keeping and tracking information about social sharing and actions becomes more and more important for anyone that cares about site’s visitors and site itself. However, not all tools allow easy tracking “out of the box”, so there is some work for developer. I assume that google+, share and retweet buttons are already on the site. […]

Link exchange requests gone wrong

Link exchange between sites of same niche is valid and accepted way of site promotion with some search engine benefits. However, the requests for such link exchange go wrong sometimes. On New Years Eve I got such a request that I would like to share. Now what is wrong with this letter? I would say […]

Hypocritical rogue bloggers in TechJaws

I read security blogs daily. For 2 months, I read TechJaws too, which is quite well written, but quite inexperienced in what they are doing. Some of the “best posts” are ones that bash “Rogue” bloggers and sites with poor WOT reputation. I am on the bad side of this argument, as my rogue removal […]

Social Marketing Fail : looking for numbers instead for audience

Each person with Facebook account has met a social marketer (more likely, many). Most of them are total annoying failures as they work using wrong objectives. For example, invites to pages and events that are not relevant to my locality, age or interests. Looking back, pageviews is a viable objective for some markets that sell […]

Content popularity versus content engagement: why you have to monitor both

The web is all about conversions and users. Long gone are days when one measured earning potential of website by earnings, total visitor count and home page pagerank alone. These metrics are simple and easy to understand. Sadly, they do not give real useful information. Earnings are not necessarily the most informative metric of the […]

Why you should be cautious about public security advice from contractor

First, I must state here that I am affiliate of couple security products that have little to do with this post on itself. This rambling is about people motivation and truthfulness. Spending time in some forums and social boards I met couple types of people that give professional advice there: people that were in same […]

Why there is THAT site in search results or disambiguation of search query

Sometimes friends and clients complain about competing sites that should not be there: No obvious optimization Content is crappy, mentions term once and in very different context Few or no links Design is old and ugly However, such site is in the first page and sometimes quite high in results. So, what are the reasons […]

11 tips on sending emails from web applications

Email marketing is still useful for list builders and keeping in touch with your consumers. However, quite often communication is lost in the email Spam box and not read by recipient. How to solve this problem? Here are some tips. Your server and domain First thing I would check is the spammy IP list. Is […]

Using Google Reader and Hootsuite to post content to twitter

First, I must state that I am not a convinced fan of Hootsuite due to my picky nature. However, It is as close as it gets to perfect web based twitter client for me now. Recently, I have found a way how to properly save time used to post good quality content using Hootsuite. First, […]

Hootsuite : pluses and minuses

Hootsuite : pluses and minuses Hootsuite ( is a very good web-based twitter account manager. It is very feature rich: 1. Multi-user multi-account management. Very useful for corporate twitter accounts. 2. Multiple columns, tabs for columns, custom groups of users. This is quite important for bigger accounts. In fact its interface is quite similar to […]