Changing administrator name for your WordPress install is not enough

There are many guides that provide information on hardening WordPress. Typical advices include updating everything, maybe protecting admin area and include files. One of the most popular advices is changing admin user name to something else. This advice is completely wrong usually. Not using “admin” username should protect ones website from some of brute force […]

How to create multilingual Wodpress blogs

WordPress is gaining popularity as CMS platform. It is simple, requires not too much learning and there are lots of themes available to choose from. However, bare WordPress installation lacks multi-language support. This is unsuitable for some markets, especially if you target several countries. There are 2 main strategies how to create multi-lingual support for […]

Yii framework

It is not a big secret that I like to try new PHP frameworks. Yii framework was on my list of things I should try, so I have experimented with it a bit. To summarize, I have switched back to Cake PHP. But let me explain further. The framework itself is quite good, and documentation […]

What is Bitnami stack and why should you be interested in it?

Bitnami stack is a package of software that is required to run specific web application separately. Typically, web applications require server programs preinstalled and running : web server ( apache usually), database server and various components. Bitnami “Stack” is free pre-assembled packages, that can be installed and launched on your own PC, home server, virtual […]

How to reduce pdf with embedded flash file size

Embedding flash into pdf files have many uses: enriching PDF’s with animation, playing movies, handling forms or creating games. However, there is a huge problem with some flash files embedded: pdf file size. If one embed a (lets say) 200kb flash file into same-sized pdf file, you can get 4-6mb pdf file. This is way […]

How I am hiring programmers for long-term work

I am responsible for hiring process both in my own company and in the company I am working with now. And the biggest headache is to pick a right staff for positions that requires lots of training. For example, programmers. The problem with web programmers is that either they are young, solo workers, really bad […]

Never forget how your script will be hosted when programming for web

This week I had a really interesting problem to tackle: one simple script of mine behaved not as expected. And it took me couple hours of analysis for a simple ~30 line script to find the cause. The script on itself its quite simple one – we have 2 numbers and 2 dates, one of […]

Phplists: is there something better for large newsletters?

I have to distribute a mailing list of circa 150 000 email clients and wondered what alternatives I have to in-house system. This has lead to some research of various options for mailing customers. First there are 3 types of software I might use: web-based services, server based newsletter/mass mailing applications and PC software. web-based […]

An elegant solution to clean up html comments from wordpress themes

Typically, all popular wordpress themes come with html comments to mark endings of div block. This is required for theme developers as it is much easier to see where particular block ends. However, I do not like leaving code like that in production site. Although some claim that HTML comments have no effect in SEO, […]

Do you really need that powerful cms for simple projects?

Last month I took over support of one project that inspired this post. It is a website with couple static pages, news and galleries that was created with Joomla. The problem was that site owners could not support it. They are not computer savvy and the internal structure of admin panel is way too complex […]