Designing Your Web Site to Maximize Traffic

Today I have received Sitepro newsletter on Designing Your Web Site to Maximize Traffic. I like these newsletters, but sometimes I can not just agree with them. Perhaps the reason is that they are targeted towards marketers and not web developers. For example, JavaScript is not evil, when it is used wisely. Yes, crawlers can […]

New google update or some changes ?

Yesterday evening I have seen some changes in SERPs. Site, that has been hit bad by last couple updates is back in the listings, although not fully recovered its placements yet. But we will hope for better.

Google sitemaps

Recently google has provided a new feature for webmasters – Google sitemaps, currently Beta. The webmasters have the ability to submit a xml map of the system to Google. They claim that the map will help to provide searchers with fresher results and better coverage of the site. Python based tools are provided for sitemap […]

Links from developer point of view

Content is the king. However, the linking defines the site and page importance for other web participants. Both internal and external ones are important, and there are tricks how to use HTML to your benefit. Common, image, javascript links, the new rel=”nofollow” atribute, redirects, robots.txt – there are variety of linking related things used depending […]

Search engines: are they ready for RSS?

Feed based technologies conquer today’s internet, especially in personal journalism, blogging and news markets. The searchers want to know breaking news as soon as possible and the ability to follow some events without the need to revisit the website each hour. The RSS/ATOM technologies are a must for sites, publishing the news. The first to […]