Funmoods makers try to push around their non-fans

Funmoods is an annoying browser toolbar that has somewhat interesting marketing strategy. It is distributed through software bundles mostly, that is you install some sort of freeware or shareware tool (video grabber, etc) and get Funmoods too. The toolbar changes the default search engine and start page to Funmoods one. It uses google search, but […]

Hitman Pro review

Hitman Pro is a cloud antivirus scanner that can be characterized as small, quick and reliable. Although it seems simple from the first sight, this antimalware scanner is capable of removing rootkits, rogues and most of other known malware. What makes it extremely useful, it uses multiple anti-malware databases hosted in cloud, which allows extremely […]

How to fix hacked WordPress site?

WordPress sites can be hacked. This is caused by leaving software non-updated for a while, giving away access credentials or just poorly written plugins. One can do some things to prevent blog hacking, however they are not so useful when it happened already. WordPress sites get hacked both for intelligence purposes, links or as a […]

Surprised: Malware makers do not test their software properly

Malware makers mess up too. Today I was checking out which version of Fake Vimes parasiteis promoted. Usually, the change occurs later on, but it is always worth a check. To my surprise, I was greeted with an error message : It looks like Fake Vimes makers haven’t paid for their software license and got […]

Changing administrator name for your WordPress install is not enough

There are many guides that provide information on hardening WordPress. Typical advices include updating everything, maybe protecting admin area and include files. One of the most popular advices is changing admin user name to something else. This advice is completely wrong usually. Not using “admin” username should protect ones website from some of brute force […]

4 ways how WordPress sites can get hacked

WordPress powers more than a half of sites having some sort of CMS. Thus it is not surprising that these websites come under automated attacks and get infected sometimes. So, what to do? Well, that depends on type of attack used and its results. Some possible ways of site to get hacked are listed below: […]

Is Flamer big news ? Probably not.

The Flamer worm caused the main buzz for AV and security companies in the late May 2012. It is kind of understandable – it is espionage tool and we do not see many targeted attacks that might be caused by governments. Everyone tried to cash in: some claimed that it is the most sophisticated, some […]

8 Steps to Make WordPress Safer

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms around. However, if you self-host your blog (and not host on, you are responsible to make it more secure. WordPress blogs are constant target of automated and manual hacker attacks. When your site gets infected, it redirects your visitors to exploit pages that infect their […]

Too weird message subject to be true? It isn’t

Although websites are usual way to distribute malware, email is far from forgotten by malware makers. Spam volume goes down, but targeted spam messages work wonders. One of the popular tactics is sending out mails with zipped files or links to them claiming this is document you asked for, or some sort of movie clip. […]

Don’t fall for “young girls are waiting” scam on Twitter

There is a spam campaign going on Twitter that promotes Blackhole exploit kit or some fake antiviruses. The messages look like “young girls are waiting” or similar. Sure, these messages look spammy like hell, but some people click on them and land in fake online scanner pages. Such pages resemble MS Windows Explorer window and […]