Too weird message subject to be true? It isn’t

Although websites are usual way to distribute malware, email is far from forgotten by malware makers. Spam volume goes down, but targeted spam messages work wonders. One of the popular tactics is sending out mails with zipped files or links to them claiming this is document you asked for, or some sort of movie clip. […]

Don’t fall for “young girls are waiting” scam on Twitter

There is a spam campaign going on Twitter that promotes Blackhole exploit kit or some fake antiviruses. The messages look like “young girls are waiting” or similar. Sure, these messages look spammy like hell, but some people click on them and land in fake online scanner pages. Such pages resemble MS Windows Explorer window and […]

Online reputation management strategy used by malware makers

Online reputation is important. Everyone checks product information and reviews online. In many cases, more than a single source is checked. Thus it is critical to have decent reputation which is quite hard for people with malicious intents. However, it is still possible and malware makers use more than a single tactics. One old strategy […]

How to create multilingual Wodpress blogs

WordPress is gaining popularity as CMS platform. It is simple, requires not too much learning and there are lots of themes available to choose from. However, bare WordPress installation lacks multi-language support. This is unsuitable for some markets, especially if you target several countries. There are 2 main strategies how to create multi-lingual support for […]

Yii framework

It is not a big secret that I like to try new PHP frameworks. Yii framework was on my list of things I should try, so I have experimented with it a bit. To summarize, I have switched back to Cake PHP. But let me explain further. The framework itself is quite good, and documentation […]

Big malware players return during the autumn

Rogue AV market was mostly dead through August and September. Although this might be caused by Chronopay raid, the timing of the raids did not match with the decline. Additionally, we have seen significant shift to different kind of malware: google redirects, new kinds of rootkits, Bitcoin mining software and other kinds of parasites that […]

Which new Kindle would I choose?

So, the new Kindle Fire and several supplemental models are out. I wrote my expectations in the previous post about Kindle. To tell the truth, I got more than expected from Amazon’s announcement and it is much harder to choose now. First, there is Kindle Fire – a new tablet with Android and Kindle application. […]

Kindle Fire will be announced on September 28

Kindle Fire is supposedly the next generation e-book reader that is no longer based on e-ink technology. E-ink technology, which would offer significant energy saving and sunlight readability benefits, is not so suitable for tablets. First of all, it is slow, thus it is not so suitable for multimedia content. Secondly, it does not offer […]

Is malware payment gateway shutdown the end of Fake AVs?

Several botnets were shut down and the CEO of rogue parmacy and fake antivirus credit card processor was  arrested recently. This resulted in the significant drop of malicious software activity in August. Many took time to celebrate and rightfully so. However, I do not think this is the end of Fake AVs or malware in general. […]

Upgrade to Ndrive 11 – my experience and review.

Ndrive 11 is a navigation that has a version for Android phones. I have reviewed version 10 already, and version 11 is not new either. However, It was not available for Lithuania in android market until recently. Although there are maps for East European countries including Lithuania, Baltic countries were excluded for available country list […]