Malwarebytes Anti-Malware review

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is one of the most popular technicians tool to fix PC infected with malwares. Although not a full antivirus, its small size and powerful detection capabilities removes majority of common trojans, worms, rogues and similar pests. As it offers parasite removal for free, it is no 1 tool to try when malware infection […]

Spyhunter review

Spyhunter is anti-malware program from Enigma software group. Although first 2 versions of this program weren’t really good, the last versions have set of very interesting features for fighting malware. Current version is 4.x, and this is my results of testing it against set of rogue antiviruses, trojans and ransomware. Note, that Spyhunter is commercial […]

Hitman Pro review

Hitman Pro is a cloud antivirus scanner that can be characterized as small, quick and reliable. Although it seems simple from the first sight, this antimalware scanner is capable of removing rootkits, rogues and most of other known malware. What makes it extremely useful, it uses multiple anti-malware databases hosted in cloud, which allows extremely […]

Which new Kindle would I choose?

So, the new Kindle Fire and several supplemental models are out. I wrote my expectations in the previous post about Kindle. To tell the truth, I got more than expected from Amazon’s announcement and it is much harder to choose now. First, there is Kindle Fire – a new tablet with Android and Kindle application. […]

Kindle Fire will be announced on September 28

Kindle Fire is supposedly the next generation e-book reader that is no longer based on e-ink technology. E-ink technology, which would offer significant energy saving and sunlight readability benefits, is not so suitable for tablets. First of all, it is slow, thus it is not so suitable for multimedia content. Secondly, it does not offer […]

Upgrade to Ndrive 11 – my experience and review.

Ndrive 11 is a navigation that has a version for Android phones. I have reviewed version 10 already, and version 11 is not new either. However, It was not available for Lithuania in android market until recently. Although there are maps for East European countries including Lithuania, Baltic countries were excluded for available country list […]

Reimage: is it worth it?

Reimage is a automated registry and PC repair tool. It is similar to Registry cleaners, though it claims that it works differently, by performing deeper analysis of  PC health and having a configuration and file repository, which allows reversing of damage done to PC (aka deleted files/drivers/etc). The controversy with reimage is that it is […]

Skype for Android phones is out

Today I got chance to download Skype for Android. Although it was available for Verizon users in USA, most of us could not enjoy it. We had to resort to Fring or Nimbuzz. Although both of these are good chat programs, they worked not so well with Skype. The interface of program is really nice, […]

Google Maps mobile: why there is no updates for non-USA Android phones?

I am a happy owner of Nexus One, though I have written about some quirks in the past. Now it is time to discuss one problem deeper: common software availability outside USA and couple other lucky countries. And the worst of it is that it affects software, that comes preinstalled in our phones. For example, […]

NDrive Contest : win free lifetime maps (ending 13.07.2010 )

I have written about Ndrive in the past. It is one of the best available navigations for your Android phone outside USA and “lucky 11” (countries, from which google accepts payments in their Android Marketplace). Most of other map software processes payments through google market thus they are not available in most of the countries. […]