Tracking Social behavior on websites: 6 things to implement right now

Keeping and tracking information about social sharing and actions becomes more and more important for anyone that cares about site’s visitors and site itself. However, not all tools allow easy tracking “out of the box”, so there is some work for developer. I assume that google+, share and retweet buttons are already on the site. […]

Should you abandon your Facebook page for Open Graph API?

Facebook just opened its Open Graph protocol API which allows implementing social interactions in websites that were limited to Facebook pages only: likes, commenting, etc. The question rises if webmasters should bother to create Facebook pages anymore if their sites can be integrated in Facebook’s system. The short answer they both serve a bit different […]

Social Marketing Fail : looking for numbers instead for audience

Each person with Facebook account has met a social marketer (more likely, many). Most of them are total annoying failures as they work using wrong objectives. For example, invites to pages and events that are not relevant to my locality, age or interests. Looking back, pageviews is a viable objective for some markets that sell […]

6 point Twitters follow policy that works for me

I have read a lot about should one follow or not each tweep that follows you. There are two schools of thought: You follow everyone back but spam bots and try to build relationship with majority of them. You follow only handful of interesting people and build deeper relationship with them. Can these two ways […]

Twitter killed RSS? That’s only half of the story

RSS and content aggregation was the news distribution format for last couple of years. It successfully replaced newsletters in some of the markets, and I personally think it is much more convenient to subscribe to couple of the news feeds than getting news in my email box. At the moment I am subscribed to around […]

Ride twitter wave, don’t get lots in it

If you were in twitter for couple last weeks, you have noticed plenty of green avatars there. This is due to the fuss about Iran election, to show support to Iran opposition. It is good example how a cause can go viral in social network as long as it gets initial push from significant figures […]

I am using Seesmic Desktop. You should use it too

I had no fun in twitter till I saw first destop client.  It was tweetdeck – a powerful and really nice application that had won my heart at once. However, there is a couple problems with it at the moment, and the most noticeable is memory leak. I tend to leave my laptop always on, […]

TrafficMachine + Twitterfeed – Brain = #fail

There are several good articles about which twitter users to unfollow or never follow, with very valid reasons. However, I have one particular type of users that I honestly dislike. That is fully automated twitter systems, combining several types of undesired behavior. It is very funny when people advertise automation and forget, that twitter is […]

Twitter follow back. Or not?

Everyone knows that nice feeling in their gut when they see first follower in twitter account that they do not know. The first impulse is to show curtsey and follow the follower back and see account grow forth. This is especially true for people whose twitter account is part of their growing business. However, should […]