How to stop listening to bullshit and make your PC secure for real

I own, and, partly, I promote the site myself. Thus I am exposed to lots of bullshit advices, misconceptions in security market.  And there will be no affiliate links in this post, thank you for your attention. First, stop looking for best security product. The status “best” is temporal at most. It also depends […]

Global unlike: it does exit as MyWOT toolbar

Most of my income is done in computer security market, and I have follow various tools and events to stay on the top. As with any other market, there are very interesting how the computer security is reflected in social media or how Social media is used in it. Security market got it all backwards […]

MyWOT part 2 – the results

I am using mywot for couple of days, and I would say I kind of like it, though its not something unexpected. Sure, I am happy, that most of sites belonging to firms I work with do well. My main concern was that community-driven opinions might be incorrect regards some of the product vendors due to […]


WOT (Web of trust) is firefox add-on for voting on security of sites and getting warnings. It was recommended in one blog, and I wanted to give it a try. The idea of the software is quite nice, a community based votes on sites and warning system. The single fear is that it might happen […]