Personally, I prefer programming using Firefox as the fronted for looking at programming results. The benefit of this over the usage of explorer is that one sees mistakes better and there are better set of tools to evaluate the result or check the design in progress. The first and perhaps most important tool is DOM inspector, that allows visual checking of html (or xhtml) code for matches between visual representation and code. This is often required when changing site design to more complex one and something does not work.
One of such tools is Webdeveloper – a free Firefox plugin with nice capabilities to manipulate the output of web page. Plugin includes website image control (disabling, enabling), CSS, java and javascript control, various methods for form manipulation and extracting information from the site. This is a very valuable tool, as most of the times one had to switch to other web tools or shell programs that are not very effective. Now we have this in single download.
When the design looks like it should in firefox and is standard-compiliant, we have to check how it will look on explorer, though. It is possible to do this in another Firefox tab using IETab. A quite handly for people who like tabs as much as I do.
Some of other tools that I use will be reviewed later.

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Giedrius Majauskas

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