Just a quick note for warm-up. Recent server maintenance and test showed me, that postgresql behaves badly when there are more than couple indexes on the same table. We have some tables that are used in various queries using quite many criteria to determine the result, thus more than couple indexes looks possible (10-15 in some cases). However, when there are lot of indexes, they tend to get corrupt and one has to reindex the table often. I could not pin-point this problem for a long while.

I think I will have to remove most of the indexes from the table and leave the critical ones. Not a nice decision.

On another note, 8.1 Posgresql takes ages to fully vacuum 80000 record tables. Kinda weird, looks like deadlock to me. I could never wait to fully vacuum them. It was not the case in older version.

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Giedrius Majauskas

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