Yii framework

It is not a big secret that I like to try new PHP frameworks. Yii framework was on my list of things I should try, so I have experimented with it a bit. To summarize, I have switched back to Cake PHP. But let me explain further. The framework itself is quite good, and documentation […]

How to make really unsafe session management (that is still used today)

Today I want to talk about really unproductive topic – that is how to code poorly. Or, more exactly, I am going to pick on my unfavorite  piece of social site again, that is Boonex. We will talk about how one should not implement user sessions and how to do it better. Boonex uses unencrypted […]

5 things to look at when comparing php frameworks

I had read a post at sitepoints about 16 php 5 frameworks. I will not argue the fact that frameworks are good and you should use one. What saddens me is that the key points of comparison are omitted in the post. So, how to compare different php 5 frameworks? Let us see. 1. Paradigms […]

Social portal platform Elgg pre-view

On request on commenter, I have taken a look in Elgg platform. We are developing separate inhouse platform now, but it is always nice to look at different code and see whats made correctly and what can we question. Let’s see how this Elgg does and compares to others. The first impression is Elgg platform […]

Boonex – bad programming example

Boonex is an assembly of social site php scripts including chats, forum and the site itself. As we work on several social sites this year, we have chosen boonex as starting platform to build things upon and kinda regret it now. I wrote a post about newscloud a year ago and about pligg. Well, Boonex is […]