I had read a post at sitepoints about 16 php 5 frameworks. I will not argue the fact that frameworks are good and you should use one. What saddens me is that the key points of comparison are omitted in the post.

So, how to compare different php 5 frameworks? Let us see.

1. Paradigms used. Although MVC is mainstream now, it is not a single paradigm in php development. There are frameworks that are event based only. Additionally, there are different paradigms for different application layers, for example CRUD for database (model) layer, pretty well supported in php cake. Zend does not have module layer at all, you need to use your own database access, as example.

2. Modularity and reusability of framework. Although MVC provides modularity on controller- basis, additional modularity is required to re-use code between applications. This is important for developing bigger project that share modules.

3. Php version support. Some frameworks require specific versions of php5. This means that you have limited options for hosting.

4. Shared hosting support. You might need that before project kicks in. Some frameworks behave weirdly on shared hosting, as they need specific setup.

5. Proof of concept and maturity. Have you seen applications developed with the framework? Is framework developer community active or dormant? I would shun a framework without some real-world example sites.

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