Yii framework

It is not a big secret that I like to try new PHP frameworks. Yii framework was on my list of things I should try, so I have experimented with it a bit. To summarize, I have switched back to Cake PHP. But let me explain further. The framework itself is quite good, and documentation […]

Stop cursing PHP for your faults

I have read a tweet about PHP programming today that made me furious. “Handling complex logic in PHP is like doing the LSATs after shock therapy” What is wrong with this statement? It moves responsibility from coder to the coding language and that is completely wrong in this case. Firstly, PHP has syntax similar to […]

5 things to look at when comparing php frameworks

I had read a post at sitepoints about 16 php 5 frameworks. I will not argue the fact that frameworks are good and you should use one. What saddens me is that the key points of comparison are omitted in the post. So, how to compare different php 5 frameworks? Let us see. 1. Paradigms […]

How to write non-sucking voting script

Voting is quite basic element of any site that claims to be social. This is a basic tool to get opinion of visitors on topics and works as viral marketing too. However, sooner or later your visitors will question if your script is secure enough to avoid fake voting bots. So let’s cover couple ways […]

KomodoEdit Review

I have to admit that Komodo Edit 4.4 is the editor I use the most for editing and developing. What I like is code collapsing/expanding, quite nice syntax help, also SSH2 support, which is a must for any editor. Additionally, it is free (there is a paid Komodo IDE version too). Overall, quite nice tool. […]