HotStartSearch virus – what it is and how to remove

HotStartSearch virus also known as is a browser hijacker that can be added as an application to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Usually it affects all of the Internet browsers installed on a computer. The obvious signs of this browser hijacker infection are replacement of home page, default search engine and new […]

What is IRMA MoneyPak virus

IRMA MoneyPak virus is a ransomware that was designed by computer hackers in order to steal money from random computer users. The application enters computers through infected downloads. Usually computer users get infected while visiting malicious websites or through spam email attachments. It does not require users permission and acts on its own. IRMA MoneyPak […]

kmode_exception_not_handled Windows 8 reboot loop

I have installed Windows 8 couple days ago and faced some problems. Yesterday, I got some upgrades after which my PC went into infinite reboot loop. The error displayed was kmode_exception_not_handled  in driver file. What was really annoying, the error was displayed in poor quality font, which made the exact file name almost unreadable. It was […]

Win 8 – a big disappointment

Couple days ago I have upgraded to Windows 8. I was curious how this new OS will do compared to Win 7. However, I was disappointed. <strong>Windows 8 is the worst OS I have ever worked on from design viewpoint. </strong> It is a terrible mix of Windows 7 and mobile OS. Although Metro interface […]

FBI Scam – 3 ways to remove it

FBI Scam is a set of trojans that pretends to be originating from Federal Bureau of Investigation and locks PC to extort money. Although most of them look the same and do the same thing, their implementation differs. One can distinguish FBI scams in 2 ways : by picking removal way that works or by […]

How to fix hacked WordPress site?

WordPress sites can be hacked. This is caused by leaving software non-updated for a while, giving away access credentials or just poorly written plugins. One can do some things to prevent blog hacking, however they are not so useful when it happened already. WordPress sites get hacked both for intelligence purposes, links or as a […]

Status progress: what I am working on now, February 2011

Its end of the February already, and time flies really fast. So I think it is good time to do some retrospective about what I am doing and where I am going. Last year was a blast – wedding, trip to Portugal, significant success with, starting up my own company. Most of these things […]

FanBox com scam is a spam service that pretends to be a “social network”. It is a scam, because it generally does 2 things: a) provides paid SMS solution while being listed in couple of sites as phishing one (hphosts, for example) b) Spams people in contact list with deceitful emails to grow its business. I’ll focus […]

Burn books, buy Kindle?

I have read Frédéric Beigbeder article about paper books dying and losing the battle to electronic books, and the grim promises that this is very horrible. Beigbeder compares it to Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”, and argues, that lack of paper books will make the world worse. However, I strongly disagree with him. Gutenbergs invention was created for […]

Do not copy others, surpass them

People do not want to buy copies that cost that much as original. The same is true for the web. There are plenty of copywriting sites, and each year it is easier and easier to create another copy of website and try to get some market share. For example blogging. 10 or so years ago […]