HotStartSearch virus also known as is a browser hijacker that can be added as an application to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Usually it affects all of the Internet browsers installed on a computer. The obvious signs of this browser hijacker infection are replacement of home page, default search engine and new tab page with Other websites might also be promoted by this application and redirected to. You might also notice that the number of advertisements displayed while browsing the Internet has increased significantly. This is due to the changes caused by HotStartSearch virus.


Although this unwanted application is not considered a malware and does not harm your computer’s system, it is recommended to remove, especially if you did not install it intentionally. HotStartSearch virus is not only an annoying program causing redirections but it also breaches your privacy by collecting information about your browsing habits, search terms used, data provided in social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. These records might be used for various purposes, mostly for targeted advertisement campaigns.


Those having HotStartSearch virus complain that cannot remove it by simply uninstalling because the program is not listed in Control Panel Add and Remove programs list or under “Extensions” in “Tools”. This is quite a common practice for browser hijackers and adware. It might be that the application is named by a different title or hidden. The quickest and safest way to remove HotStartSearch virus is by using special antimalware tools like Spyhunter. Scan your computer with it. The program will not only detect the latter unwanted application but also any other adware or browser hijackers that might have been installed together with it. After the scan is completed you may also need to reset search providers manually.  A good  guide on removing unwanted search engines is here.

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