Its end of the February already, and time flies really fast. So I think it is good time to do some retrospective about what I am doing and where I am going.
Last year was a blast – wedding, trip to Portugal, significant success with, starting up my own company. Most of these things are somewhat covered here. Each of these things would not be possible without my coworkers and team. It would not be possible without other people I have (virtually) met last year.
There are things that weren’t covered here. For one, my work on and development of social code for new Although many years due, we will do the change. I am really impressed what we did: an own engine to handle professional relationship within a niche, that is extendable and reusable. It took a long work hours of planning and implementation, and it is far from complete. All the things that are done now will be reused on further version of We have not forgotten that project, as well.
We also work on a community site for healthy living, to provide a better way creating support groups and niche-specific information about ways to improve health with healthy eating, sports and healthier lifestyle. The project is far from completion – there are lots of things we are planning on adding and lots of information has to be processed and presented there.
There is also other, secret Lithuanian project we are working on now. It will launch soon, and this service is really needed in Lithuania. This project is result of co-working of 3 -4 companies, and it is related to publishing.
This, also work on older projects have given me insight about both my strength and weaknesses, which need to be improved and adjusted. I know that there is lot of learn, but only learning and trying new things will provide motivation to move forward. So here a small list of things I want to learn and do in 2011:

  • Learn Chinese (long term goal)
  • Improve English (permanent task)
  • Improve Link building and other SEM skills
  • Learn coding for Android (this year goal)
  • Attend at least one conference and find more like-minded people

So, that is my top goals for year 2011.

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Giedrius Majauskas

I am a internet company owner and project manager living at Lithuania. I am interested in computer security, health and technology topics.


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