Some time ago, I wrote on 2-viruses about hijacker
. The hijack in question was done by Yet Another Cleaner – an application written by ELEX (taiwanese company). It targeted Latin/South America mostly. We categorised it as PUP – potentially unwanted application/hijack. Only some versions of this program change the settings and users could control the process somewhat. 

However, we were attacked as a company by the makers of YAC in various ways. They tried to convince me to come into some sort of partnership, then they send legal looking emails about trying to sue us for providing information. At the moment they have resorted to fake comments. The sad fact is that these comments are written from the same (taiwanese) IP using different names, thus they are clearly fake. The bad thing is they use names of people that are known in this market and have similar websites. Impersonating other people is dishonest. 

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 00.01.18

I know that this comment is fake. And this is a strong signal not to use YAC. Additionally, its makers are known as hijacker makers already – they are connected to V9 search engine that was promoted in similar manner. 

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