I was pleasantly surprised by seeing Android phones in stock at Lithuanian Omnitel store last week. They weren’t marked as Android phones, and their capabilities were unlisted. However, I am really happy that they have started selling more modern Smartphone’s than Iphone. However, there is no sign for paid applications in locally accessible Android Market yet.

This issue made me wonder how widely spread Android phones are in Lithuania. There are couple sources of data that can provide some insight.

Admob statistics does not show Lithuania in country list. Also, to get a statistically relevant insight some conditions should be met. That is, there should be enough users to run Admob enabled programs, which are not the ones that are pre-installed. The whole East Europe is responsible for 2.2% Admob clicks, which means that Admob is not strong in these markets yet.

Infusecreative.com data is not accurate enough. The pages lithuanians visit might not have clicky web analytics installed. This is seen from very spiky curves of both iphone and android usage. However, it is seen that iphone has some real market share, as there is a clear difference between Iphone and Android usage.

The main information source is App Aware – an application that lists software installed nearby and the phones used. This show couple of phones that use both App Aware and are in Lithuania, in its capital mostly. There are some older models here as well (Hero, for example), which were never sold through mobile networks here. Sure, not all of Android users have App Aware installed.

Conclusion? Putting together information, gathered from clicky and App Aware, I would say that Androids are not widely spread here yet, and exact numbers are hard to come by. Judging by clicky, Androids are 1/10 of iphone market, but I would expect an significant growth once more Android smartphones are sold in Lithuanian directly rather than through foreign eshops.

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Giedrius Majauskas

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