Contraviro… does this name sounds familiar? Yeah, it is a slight variation of ContraVirus, a rogue active a year ago. It looks like Contra Viro method is timeless : push infections in fake video sites, or add a Trojan present to some crappy shareware. After that, wait push fake security alerts into the botnet of infected PCs. Contraviro alerts will shows exaggerated reports of infections, or maybe some fake hacker attacks that cannot be stoped unless you download and buy full version of this scam.
Funny enough, Contraviro got “flexible” payment model as well. You may be charged for 50 or 100 dolars depending on the wish of these scam developers. Of cause, your credit card details will be sold further as well, so it is not so good idea to pay for this scamware. If you had, contact your bank and stop all charges for Rogue applications.

I recommend getting rid of Contraviro with these instructions as soon as possible. Alerts promoting it shows that you already got an infection and that you should take care of your PC security. Failing to do so might lead to loss of sensitive information due to various spyware parasites that might be uploaded to your PC by creators of these parasites.

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Giedrius Majauskas

I am a internet company owner and project manager living at Lithuania. I am interested in computer security, health and technology topics.


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