Recently google has provided a new feature for webmasters – Google sitemaps, currently Beta. The webmasters have the ability to submit a xml map of the system to Google. They claim that the map will help to provide searchers with fresher results and better coverage of the site. Python based tools are provided for sitemap generation too. Although sitemap is limited to 50000 pages/10 Mb size, one site could have up to 1000 of them
An interesting thing is that sitemap format is quite close to RSS feeds. Although it does not provide content, webmasters can specify modification time and information update frequency.
Personally, I feel that sitemap will help a lot for niche sites that are badly build, use lots of forms and JavaScript for navigation. The tool Google suggest will surely help for small-medium website owners. It will be surely interesting to follow they development.

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Giedrius Majauskas

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