HotStartSearch virus – what it is and how to remove

HotStartSearch virus also known as is a browser hijacker that can be added as an application to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Usually it affects all of the Internet browsers installed on a computer. The obvious signs of this browser hijacker infection are replacement of home page, default search engine and new […]

How Delta Search Virus Works

Delta search virus (aka delta-search dot com ) is one of the major browser hijackers today. Once the toolbar is installed, it replaces home / new tab page and then it hijacks search settings. And that is about all functions it provides. Additionally, if you uninstall it, all these settings remain as they are and […]

FbDownloader – how to uninstall it

FbDownloader is an application that allows any Facebook user to easily download an unlimited number of Facebook photos from their own albums or from their friends’ albums, including tagged photos. It works across multiple computing platforms and offers a number of options, including the ability to download photos in black and white or color. The […]

System Progressive Protection infection still strong

System Progressive Protection is not a new parasite – we wrote about it on September this year. However, its infections reached the peak only recently and it is the most distributed rogue antivirus at the moment. Although in some parts of Europe it competes with ransomware, System Progressive virus is distributed world-wide and is one […]

FBI Scam – 3 ways to remove it

FBI Scam is a set of trojans that pretends to be originating from Federal Bureau of Investigation and locks PC to extort money. Although most of them look the same and do the same thing, their implementation differs. One can distinguish FBI scams in 2 ways : by picking removal way that works or by […]

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware review

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is one of the most popular technicians tool to fix PC infected with malwares. Although not a full antivirus, its small size and powerful detection capabilities removes majority of common trojans, worms, rogues and similar pests. As it offers parasite removal for free, it is no 1 tool to try when malware infection […]

Spyhunter review

Spyhunter is anti-malware program from Enigma software group. Although first 2 versions of this program weren’t really good, the last versions have set of very interesting features for fighting malware. Current version is 4.x, and this is my results of testing it against set of rogue antiviruses, trojans and ransomware. Note, that Spyhunter is commercial […]

How to fix hacked WordPress site?

WordPress sites can be hacked. This is caused by leaving software non-updated for a while, giving away access credentials or just poorly written plugins. One can do some things to prevent blog hacking, however they are not so useful when it happened already. WordPress sites get hacked both for intelligence purposes, links or as a […]

Surprised: Malware makers do not test their software properly

Malware makers mess up too. Today I was checking out which version of Fake Vimes parasiteis promoted. Usually, the change occurs later on, but it is always worth a check. To my surprise, I was greeted with an error message : It looks like Fake Vimes makers haven’t paid for their software license and got […]

Don’t fall for “young girls are waiting” scam on Twitter

There is a spam campaign going on Twitter that promotes Blackhole exploit kit or some fake antiviruses. The messages look like “young girls are waiting” or similar. Sure, these messages look spammy like hell, but some people click on them and land in fake online scanner pages. Such pages resemble MS Windows Explorer window and […]