Privacy center is quite annoying piece of rogue anti-spyware programs because it uses multiple trojans for spreading around. The problem is, most of single removers fail to remove all versions of these Trojans now, as it is stated in comments of these Privacy Center removal tips.  Thus an infection might be a big problem.  

So, how to deal with such infection like this one? I would use couple of tools to ensure one’s system is clean. First, I am recomending Spyware Doctor as primary spyware remover – it has quite big database and reliable detection scheme. Also, Spyware doctor should take care of parasites that block legitimate websites. However, it might miss some trojans, thus one needs alternative tool to detect left-overs. Leave Spyware Doctor real time protection running and download malwarebytes anti-malware ( ).  It allows free scan, though you would have to pay for real-time protection. This should take care of the rest.

Just remember, anti-spyware program alone can not provide 100% security of the system. You have to update windows and scan your PC with anti-spyware and anti-virus programs periodically. Also, a good firewall program like comodo firewall is strongly recommended to keep unwanted applications like Privacy Center out of your system.

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Giedrius Majauskas

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