[ad#ref-spyw]WinReanimator is a new infection, that got epidemic status just after Valentines day this February. Together with SystemDefender, they started succesfully taking place left after Virus Heat infections, although scam is about the same. The symptoms are following: You browse websites, get to infected ones (luckily, these are mostly porn or crack websites) and start noticing weird behavior of your Windows System. Windows Anti-virus (which you might not have, in fact) starts giving alerts that it needs another tool to remove parasites:

Windows has detected spyware infection!
It is recommended to use special anti spyware tools to prevent data loss. Windows will now download and install the most up-to-date antispyware for you
Click here to protect your computer from spyware!

one leads to another, and you got between option of buying WinReanimator or having to stand its pop ups.

Luckily, these scams are easy to see through. Just checking their website one can see that they have no real reputable company behind it. Or they would not bake the websites on the same platform over and over again, with typos, errors and mismatching company names in website and domain registration account.

Here are some more information about how to remove WinReanimator.

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