If you were in twitter for couple last weeks, you have noticed plenty of green avatars there. This is due to the fuss about Iran election, to show support to Iran opposition. It is good example how a cause can go viral in social network as long as it gets initial push from significant figures there.

However, this story teaches another, not so obvious, lesson. As I look through tweet list of people I follow, I tend to skip all the green dudes as single, green person. Your icon is no longer so distinguishable, especially so if you pick dullish shade of green. And if you tweet about something unrelated to Iran, you are out of look – your messages are missed in the whole crowd. People recognize you by your icon and not the text usually, so changing icon is not too good strategy as well.

How to ride that twitter wave and still remain recognizable? It is easy – choose a bit different shade of green or add some green elements. Some good examples:



These are couple of few profiles that are not missed in the stream of tweets despite promoting the cause.

And another quick point. Do not stay green for too long. Iran election will not be buzz topic for long. At some point you will have to choose how long you want to be associated with old news.

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