Feed based technologies conquer today’s internet, especially in personal journalism, blogging and news markets. The searchers want to know breaking news as soon as possible and the ability to follow some events without the need to revisit the website each hour. The RSS/ATOM technologies are a must for sites, publishing the news. The first to be heard wins the market and it is not necessary the one that announced the news first.
Recently I have tried to evaluate the RSS support in leading search engines today. I was really suprised by the Yahoo RSS support quality – the results are fetched often, RSS feeds are really easy to integrate in my.yahoo. Of cause, Yahoo uses this service for quite some time already, although it is still beta. They provide a ping support too, what is quite nice for news sites and bloggers around. Some authors even call RSS “the backdoor to Yahoo”, and they are right.
my.msn has quite similar in the capabilities, but they do not provide addition for news sources that are not in the index already. There is some third party ping interface, too. I guess they still need some lift.
I have not found any news interface in Google, what is quite pity. I think it could be nicely integrated in the new GMAIL or Google news. Google is still behind in their indexing speed.

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