How to fix hacked WordPress site?

WordPress sites can be hacked. This is caused by leaving software non-updated for a while, giving away access credentials or just poorly written plugins. One can do some things to prevent blog hacking, however they are not so useful when it happened already. WordPress sites get hacked both for intelligence purposes, links or as a […]

Changing administrator name for your WordPress install is not enough

There are many guides that provide information on hardening WordPress. Typical advices include updating everything, maybe protecting admin area and include files. One of the most popular advices is changing admin user name to something else. This advice is completely wrong usually. Not using “admin” username should protect ones website from some of brute force […]

4 ways how WordPress sites can get hacked

WordPress powers more than a half of sites having some sort of CMS. Thus it is not surprising that these websites come under automated attacks and get infected sometimes. So, what to do? Well, that depends on type of attack used and its results. Some possible ways of site to get hacked are listed below: […]

8 Steps to Make WordPress Safer

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms around. However, if you self-host your blog (and not host on, you are responsible to make it more secure. WordPress blogs are constant target of automated and manual hacker attacks. When your site gets infected, it redirects your visitors to exploit pages that infect their […]

How to create multilingual Wodpress blogs

WordPress is gaining popularity as CMS platform. It is simple, requires not too much learning and there are lots of themes available to choose from. However, bare WordPress installation lacks multi-language support. This is unsuitable for some markets, especially if you target several countries. There are 2 main strategies how to create multi-lingual support for […]

Hacking scissors wordpress plugin: resize based on image ratio

Recently, I had simple but interesting problem on wordpress where I could not find ready automatic solution: thumbnail generation based on image ratio. I use wordpress as CMS for image-heavy site. For example, I want that 3 sized images: For landscape pictures I need 202×133 thumbnails For square (or alike) images I need 156×142 thumbnails […]

Feedburner WordPress plugins : take care while upgrading to 2.7 or 2.8

Yesterday I tweeked my blog’s feeds and looked for a plugin to integrate feedburner seemlesly. This appeared a bit more tricky than thought: Upgrade to wordpress 2.7 made some feedburner plugins inoperable. This includes most popular FeedSmith plugin. Some other Wordpres feed plugins are not working too. I am not sure if it is wordpress […]

One mistake you should not do on twitter

Today I have decided to stop follow one marketing pro, Anby Beal on twitter. I love the posts on his blog, but his twitter usage is just lazy. The reason for this is usage of one of the numerous wordpress twitter plugins to promote his blog and business. Each time a post in his blog […]

Tax season, tax season.

April is the season when you have to fill your tax information and, in my case, pay the taxes for the year before. Overall, it was not a bad year once I have calculated everything. Some things could be better. As a true geek, I wrote a wp plugin for calculating my taxes, though it […]

WordPress 2.5 – what is new

It looks like only couple of weeks passed from the time I updated to 2.3, and it was time to update to 2.5 version of WordPress. This upgrade went seamless for a change, and after couple of moments I was greeted by completely unfamiliar look in admin page. The layout is different. The menu is […]