Today I have decided to stop follow one marketing pro, Anby Beal on twitter. I love the posts on his blog, but his twitter usage is just lazy. The reason for this is usage of one of the numerous wordpress twitter plugins to promote his blog and business. Each time a post in his blog appears, an entry is sent to twitter with the name of the blog post and shortened url to it. So whats the problem?

1. Too big ratio of links to posts to different insights. When a blog is updated 5-10x a day, you get too large number of posts and is not a RSS reader. I still follow Andy on RSS and some posts are really noteworthy.

2. Not all posts are his. There are a lot of guest contributors at his blog. So, most of the posts are not related to him and frankly, I would prefer following each author separately than all under name of Andy.

This plugin would work in 2 cases.

First one:

1. You write irregulary, or plan to post only specific posts on twitter. 

2. You have something short to say in between your blog posts in twitter and you want feedback on it


1. You promote your business only 

2. There are no/little personal tweets

3. You see (almost) no other value in twitter than its announcement capabilities

Quite good example of the later is Barack Obama campaign.  

Please choose one and not both.  


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