A new fake system maintenance utility is infecting more and more PCs this weekend: Ultra Defragger. This malware is clone of HDD Defragmenter/System Defragmenter/etc and has little differences except in the name. It shows same outrageous claims about hardware malfunctions and offers software-based “cure” for 80 USD. Everything it shows is a lie.ultra-defragger
For example it detects stuff like this :

  • “Drive C initializing error” – You would not be able to load OS on such corrupt Hard drive
  • GPU Ram temperature to high – it would require either stopping graphically intensive operations or installing a hardware cooler, not some sort of software
  • “Hard drive doesn’t respond to system commands” And how do that software gona fix this?
  • To make a point, Ultra Defragger tries to simulate system malfunction. It will stop programs and files from execution couple times before you will be able to lauch them. Good thing this is not permanent and you can execute almost any program despite Ultra Defraggers scare tactics.
    However, if you think everything Ultra Defragger does are harmless, you are wrong. Its makers are out for money, and they infected your PC. They might have opened way for other parasites that might be loaded on command, or Ultra Defragger might get more nasty with time. Thus you should remove Ultra defragger as soon as possible.
    The best way to remove ultra defragger is cleaning up TEMP folders in safe mode. That is where it resides. Read my full manual removal guide on 2-viruses.com and do not forget to scan with good malware removal programs afterwards to make sure you got every piece of this malware out.
    It is very likely that you would not had got Ultra defraggers infection if you got Spyware Doctor, full version of Malwarebytes or full Internet Security Suite from one of major antivirus vendors.

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