First, I must state that I am not a convinced fan of Hootsuite due to my picky nature. However, It is as close as it gets to perfect web based twitter client for me now. Recently, I have found a way how to properly save time used to post good quality content using Hootsuite.

First, this involves Google reader, and if you do not want to switch to it, it is not for you. Google reader has a “share post” option which allows to share content to your followers. Even if you have no followers, you can use this feature, because you get Atom feed.

This feed can be integrated into your Hootsuite account (settings ->RSS/Atom ->Add feed). Set time frequency to 2 hours, and limit post amount to one – you do not want to spam your readers with content like many automated twitter accounts do. It is different from automated approach, as you review the content you submit to hootsuite, thus you take care not to submit older news or uninteresting posts that happen once in a while at any feed.

Sure, this will not replace tweeting manually. You do not get all content through RSS, do you? You should take your time reading other people tweets and sharing valuable ones further. Also, not all sites provide RSS feeds or are worth subscribing.

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Giedrius Majauskas

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