[ad#ref-spyw]VirusHeat is a new name of our “favourite” scam of 2007 – rogue anti-spyware apps. These applications came in hundreds of names in the past, like SpyAxe, MalwareCrush, VirusHeal and now VirusHeat. Strangely enough, they decided to change only one letter in the name and add some borrowed graphics to a new website – the scam hasn’t changed much: One browses infected or corrupt websites, gets Zlob and boom: you got a nice popups claiming that your PC is infected with thousands of parasites (most of which never existed in the first place) and windows recomends to download wonderful solution : VirusHeat. Funny, as Microsoft has its own (not too bad) product and would never push such malware, so it targets non-experienced computer users.

VirusHeat is nothing but weak spyware remover, it detects only limited set of real parasites that come together with its fakealerts for convincing the user that it works at all, so one cant rely on it for protection. Its payment system is a scam as well, thus don’t provide credit card details and purchase it! Better to remove using alternate means or reputable spyware remover.

So, how to remove VirusHeat malware if you fallen for this scam ?

VirusHeat Manual /Automatic removal at 2-viruses.com

Virus Heat removal instructions at 2-spyware.com

Semi-automatic VirusHeat removal instructions at PCHubs.com

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