Hitman Pro is a cloud antivirus scanner that can be characterized as small, quick and reliable. Although it seems simple from the first sight, this antimalware scanner is capable of removing rootkits, rogues and most of other known malware. What makes it extremely useful, it uses multiple anti-malware databases hosted in cloud, which allows extremely good detection rate and uses up very little disk space. The tool is useful as second opinion scanner. In fact, it is my preferred program for confirming that PC is fully cleaned and eliminate possibility of malware – related problems when symptoms are not so clear.

Hitman Pro scorecard

Title: Hitman Pro
Version reviewed: 3.6
Company: SurfRight
Trial: Yes, full 30 days
Strong points: Cloud scan, small
Weak points: Requires internet, no real time protection, 2 different versions
Suitability: Useful to identify hidden malware
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When performing a system scan Hitman Pro is quick but not inferior to other well known antimalware programs. Looking in more details to the scan process itself, the tool uses a behavioral technique to sift through files, finding those that fail the test of several factors. For example, it checks if the file is packed or encrypted. Hitman determines if any rootkit techniques are in use or there is connection to malicious sites. There is way more factors that executable files have to meet in order to be excluded from suspicion. The files marked as suspicious are further analyzed by cloud which encompasses ESET Nod databases, as well as those of Avira, a-squared, and PrevX. The files that were not identified as a particular infection, but remain suspicious are sent to a team of experts who further analyze them.

Concluding I will list main positive and negative points on Hitman Pro:

  • It is a cheap tool (it costs only $19.95 a year which is almost half the price you pay for other well known tools);
  • It is fast when performing a scan;
  • It is small in size which make it perfect for low-end systems;
  • It is very effective in detecting a wide range of malware.
  • It is not real time protection tool;
  • Hitman pro requires internet connection to work
  • Hitman Pro has 2 separate versions for 32 and 64 bit system. 64 bit one does not work against rootkits that well

Despite these couple minor shortcomings Hitman Pro 3.6 is a useful tool and can be recommended to anyone needing a quick scan for malware problems. Hitman Pro should not be used for protection, but it is perfect for regular scans.

Hitman Pro screenshots:

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