So, the new Kindle Fire and several supplemental models are out. I wrote my expectations in the previous post about Kindle. To tell the truth, I got more than expected from Amazon’s announcement and it is much harder to choose now.
First, there is Kindle Fire – a new tablet with Android and Kindle application. It allows movie streaming as well. The biggest PRO’s – color, Android applications and movie streaming. The cons – sunlight readability on Kindle Fire should be poor compared to other Kindle versions. And that is very important if you read books outside your home. Secondly, E-Ink is one of the most power saving display technologies around. Kindle could be used for weeks, and IPADs – for hours only.

Then there are 2 other models : regular Kindle without keyboard present and Kindle Touch with infrared based touch screen. It is obvious that the last model is my total favorite. The reason is following: I love both touch screen and e-ink for my reading device. Button based interface is clumsy for my tastes and I do not use keyboard that much.
Thus my choice is quite obvious. I am planning purchasing Kindle touch when it will be available in Baltic countries (only regular Kindle is), and for media consumption I will use my laptop or maybe Ipad.

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