Spyhunter is anti-malware program from Enigma software group. Although first 2 versions of this program weren’t really good, the last versions have set of very interesting features for fighting malware. Current version is 4.x, and this is my results of testing it against set of rogue antiviruses, trojans and ransomware. Note, that Spyhunter is commercial program.

Spyhunter scorecard

Title: Spyhunter
Version reviewed: 3.6
Company: Enigma software Group LLC
Trial: Yes, scanner/ process killer/initial rootkit removal
Strong points: Cloud scan, Malware process killing
Weak points: pricing.
Suitability: Useful to remove aggressive malware
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Spyhunter installation is one of the most interesting features of this program. Quite often malware either blocks legitimate programs, kills running processes or prevents anti-malware scans. This is especially true for aggressive rogue programs. Spyhunter installer includes automated process killer which stops processes that match multiple set of rules. Thus it is extremely useful against such parasites. Additionally, the generic nature of such rules will help fighting fresh and undetected malware. It is quite important to keep PC unrebooted till scan finishes though. The process killing is similar to one offered by rkill or Stopzilla installer. To my experience, Spyhunter provides better all-in-one solution for such malware cases.
Another important feature of Spyhunter installer is its free anti-rootkit scan. This is done after the installation process finishes and before main program launches. Quite often redirect viruses or hidden malware processes cannot be killed automatically as they are hidden from the system. However, anti-rootkit scan would find them and reboot into cleaning mode, which would remove such programs successfully. Although it is possible to overcome Spyhunter anti-rootkit for combined programs, this would serve as warning for existing hidden processes which allows modifying the removal process.
While default Spyhunter scan is not the fastest one, it is very decent. It includes special rules for typical malware install schemes (for example, for various rogue AV), which detect repacked or new versions of such parasites. Additionally, Spyhunter provides cloud scanning for suspicious files and Help desk for customers that can not be cleaned automatically. While Spyhunter is not the cheapest program, it is one of the best choices for all-in-one anti-malware scanner, protector and complex malware removal tool.

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