Delta search virus (aka delta-search dot com ) is one of the major browser hijackers today. Once the toolbar is installed, it replaces home / new tab page and then it hijacks search settings. And that is about all functions it provides. Additionally, if you uninstall it, all these settings remain as they are and you are stuck with delta search.

The hijacking problem is not new. Recently, AVAST posted a blog entry covering long-term hijacker top list. Delta Search ┬ávirus was not worthy for inclusion due to short life span of hijackers without real functions like Babylon or ask toolbar. Such hijackers have to employ various techniques to prevent removal like protecting search settings and trying to infect cloud – based settings as well. Luckily, many of anti-adware programs remove them.

It is recommended to remove Delta Search virus as it does not add any value to your search. Moreover, the results you get are mixed with advertised links therefore you never know if you open the website you looked for or a promoted one. Please note, some of the advertised links might lead to corrupted web pages that have viruses.

Delta Search virus as many other browser hijackers is difficult to remove manually. Its developers are motivated to have as many application users as possible therefore they made uninstall procedure complicated. Those that are not that computer savvy, are advised to use an automatic  removal method:

  1. Download and run antimalware program, such as Spyhunter. If you want to use anything else, check beforehand if the tool can remove this particular threat. Many antivirus programs cannot.
  2. Check if there are no applications related to Delta Search virus in Control Panel -> Add and remove programs list. If you see any, uninstall them. IMPORTANT : you should remove all programs that got installed at the same time as Delta or the settings might be reverted.
  3. Adjust your Internet browser settings with our guide.

Delta Search engine is used for couple other hijackers as well. So stay clear from shareware downloads, always use custom installation for such software and unmark additional toolbar selections when installing. Information about this particular hijacker is available on as well.

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