I had received my brand new Google nexus one finally! As it is not available here, I had to buy it through ebay and send it by post. I had additional week to wait because of slow postal service here – they had to send information to customs and so on. I haven’t replaced my last phone for 2 years or so, thus it was a quite big change.

Nexus one box included the phone itself, 110v charger, usb/htc connection cable (can be used for charging as well), headphones and case for carrying. The phone is shipped with 4G sdcard.

The first impression – it rocks. I am not a big fan of Iphone and nexus one is just my kind of phone: good design, I can easily operate it in one hand (most of the time), very fast and lots of applications. The camera is very good as well. Additionally, the Android os will get multi-touch support as well soon, which will be quite nice add-on for galleries and browser.

Additionally, I like the contact management in my google account. This saved a lot of time – I exported my contacts to vcf in my old phone, uploaded to PC and imported to my google contacts. As an additional bonus, Android offers nice integration of contacts from various sources : google addressbook, facebook, etc.

There are still some glitches that should be fixed:

a) Sometimes touchscreen is not sensitive/wont work, especially on edges. After couple of tries it starts working again. Annoying, though.

b) There are major issues with bluetooth connections – it pairs, but fails to connect with some equipment, including handsfree in my car. I’ll have to read about it more and maybe I’ll get it to work. Maybe there will be an update by android team.

c) There is not a big choice for some niche applications, like GPS ones. But Copilot looks promising (if they got good Lithuanian maps for Android).

d) Sound quality is slightly worse than my old K800i.

Now I just need to wait for OS update to get multi-touch and I will be really happy :).

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Giedrius Majauskas

I am a internet company owner and project manager living at Lithuania. I am interested in computer security, health and technology topics.


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