Kindle Fire is supposedly the next generation e-book reader that is no longer based on e-ink technology. E-ink technology, which would offer significant energy saving and sunlight readability benefits, is not so suitable for tablets. First of all, it is slow, thus it is not so suitable for multimedia content. Secondly, it does not offer that much usability we are used to either (well not at affordable price).
Additionally, there is much more money in the tablet market for Amazon. Kindle Fire would run on Android and Amazon has its own application store, which (I assume) will come preinstalled. This would offer an initiative to distribute more paid applications through it and even some exclusive ones.
As far rumors goes, Kindle Fire is quite similar to RIM’s PlayBook, which was not that successful on its own. The reason being that it is manufactured and developed by the same company – Quanta. This reduced Kindle Fire development time.
Kindle Fire should be unveiled on September 28 and will ship on November during the holiday season. This would make a nice present for a geek, though some would prefer Iphone 5 :).
Will I switch to Kindle Fire? Only time will tell. I would like to see it performance and see how it compares to Ipad 2. The problem with color displays is readability in the sunlight, thus I am not throwing my old good Kindle away in favor of Kindle Fire.

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