I have written about Ndrive in the past. It is one of the best available navigations for your Android phone outside USA and “lucky 11” (countries, from which google accepts payments in their Android Marketplace). Most of other map software processes payments through google market thus they are not available in most of the countries. This is a shame.

This week there is an exciting opportunity to win a free map of your choice from Ndrive. You need to do following:

1. Download Ndrive on your phone, use it (7 days – all maps free).

2. Register at AndroidForums.com

3. Write a comment at android marketplace and rate Ndrive. Mention your AndroidForums username as well. It is required that comment would be made from your phone (to identify your phone I assume).

4. Write in the thread dedicated to the contest in Android forum: http://androidforums.com/android-applications/116315-ndrive-contest.html . You will have to register there.

Simple, eh ? The best part is there will be more than one winner, in fact it is promised that there will be more than 20! You will be contacted in AndroidForums by administration staff if you win.

I would participate myself, however, I have purchased all the maps I will need in the close future myself (Western Europe + Eastern Europe) .  They are worth the money. And even better if you get them for free 🙂

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